From Marketing to Business Intelligence and Customer Service—We’ve Got You Covered

It isn’t always ideal to solve your marketing problems on your own. Trust Cobalt Communications to rapidly field the intelligence and assets needed to boost your acquisition funnel and nail your sales goals.

Paid Search Marketing

Organic Search Marketing

Customer Service and Support

Business Intelligence

Our paid search advertising experts can tailor our campaigns to fit into your existing retailer structure. We create the ads, we create and landing pages, and we work closely with your brand and legal to represent your products accurately and effectively.

SEO is our bread and butter, and we have millions of dollars in generated partner revenue to prove it. We are ready to launch websites that cover your entire market footprint. Combined with our paid search, we create an effective hybrid marketing strategy that drives down acquisition costs.

Our call center is 100% U.S.-based and can be trained on your products quickly. We don’t just answer phones to process sales—we combine outbound marketing and customer service to sign on new customers and satisfy existing ones.

We use digital data, call center recordings, and extensive quality assurance to focus our sales efforts in a meaningful way. Our salesforce is constantly researching customer demographics, and we are continually refining our efforts to squeeze every possible sale out of our marketing campaigns.

Get a Great Experience with a Retail Partner that is Invested in Your Success

We work with one goal in mind: to make sales for our partners. Towards that goal, we use a business model where we do not get paid until you do. That means that we invest our time and money you’re your success from the very start, and our creative teams have one mission: bring high-quality customers to your door.

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Data-Driven Service with a Human Touch

We talk a lot about business intelligence and how data drives our operation. But more importantly, we always include that important human element that makes customers want to go with your services. Our call center agents represent your brand with friendly and knowledgeable professionals, so customers always feel like we (and by extension you) take their needs seriously.

Making Innovation a Priority

Cobalt Communications wants to bring you the highest-quality customers possible, which means that we have to continually innovate how we reach those customers. That means that we develop custom solutions to integrate with your existing sales portal, increase customer retention, and improve the quality of our service. From software to unique creative assets tailored to your branding, we continually push ourselves to rethink and improve our approach to marketing.