Who is Cobalt Communications?

Cobalt Communications was founded in 1999 by John Mancini as an authorized retailer for DIRECTV in the St. Louis area. After earning his marketing degree from Southeast Missouri State University, John leveraged his knowledge of the satellite TV market to build an aggressive marketing campaign that utilized local TV spots and printed ads and grew Cobalt into one of the largest DIRECTV retailers in the country. Over the years, John has expanded Cobalt's business operation by building relationships with the biggest Internet and telecommunication brands in the country. Brands like Spectrum (formerly Charter Communications), AT&T, and Frontier Communications have all chosen Cobalt Communications as a retailer for their residential and commercial services. As a result, Cobalt Communications has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for these companies. John prides himself on being fully engaged with his partners and their marketing efforts. He leads the creative and sales teams with a hands-on approach and attention to detail that has contributed to Cobalt's continued success.

cobalt communications building

Our Mission

To drive high-quality, long-term customers to our partners as a trusted retailer.

To represent partner brands with integrity and creativity, and according to their standards.

To innovate how we reach out to customers without sacrificing quality or innovation.

These three aspects of our mission all revolve around our desire to plug into a brand’s existing marketing and sales operation. We aren’t trying to take over… we want to fill in the gaps where you need it, and when.

What does that mean for you?

It means that we rapidly launch marketing campaigns that can help boost your sales in the short- and long-term.

Want a quick bump before the end of the quarter?

Let us launch a PPC campaign that complements your own.

Want a long-term addition to your sales?

Let’s talk about an organic search and customer nurture campaign that can enhance sales over the course of years.

Meet Our Team

John Mancini

President and CEO

John has been selling in the TV and Internet space for over two decades. He launched Cobalt Communications in 1999 as a DIRECTV retailer and installer, and quickly expanded his offerings to home automation services and online retailer for companies like AT&T, Spectrum, and DIRECTV for residential and commercial customers.

Marcio Vieira

Software Development Manager

Marcio directs and develops all of Cobalt's unique software solutions. Whether is it a new content editor, advances in API integration for partner portals, or better ways to track customers from first touch to final sale, Marcio creates we need. He's responsible for our internal sales app as well as new products like Live Editor and our call monitoring system.

Jason Schwartz

Call Center Sales Director

Jason is the manager and trainer of our call center staff. He's an expert on all partner products, promotions, and offers, and serves as the point-person for customer engagement. If it has to deal with selling the customer on a product or services, Jason is the salesperson to talk to.

Ali Haji

Lead Graphic Designer and PPC Manager

Ali's primary responsibilities include running, managing, and optimizing our paid advertising campaigns on a daily basis. When he isn't running daily reports and planning new campaigns, he's working with the content team to develop attractive graphics and web designs to serve our customers.

Arash Haji

Business Intelligence Analyst

Arash is an expert in web development and design, primarily focusing on building new websites, testing new designs, and working with the content team to update and improve our existing digital assets.