Who We Are at Cobalt Communications

Cobalt Communications augments existing marketing operations to attract high-quality customers and close sales for our partners. We use data-supported methodologies, rapid development strategies, and creative teamwork to successfully implement effective online sales solutions.

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What Cobalt Does

What We Do

We take pride in being fully engaged with our telecommunications partners. As a part of our practice at Cobalt Communications, we work diligently to ensure that each partner’s vision and branding is respected while we supplement their work with our own creative twist. Our methods have garnered multiple awards from our partners for driving quality volume and have earned a respected status in the telecommunications subscriber acquisition space. As a result of our hard work, brands like Spectrum (formerly Charter Communications), AT&T, and Frontier Communications have all chosen to partner with us to attract new residential and business customers.

How Our Team Works

John Mancini, our CEO, leads the creative and sales teams with the hands-on approach and attention to detail that has contributed to Cobalt’s continued success. Our in-house call center, technology assistance, software development, web design, and copywriting departments all work closely with John to make our company’s goals a reality.

How the Cobalt Team Operates

Our Mission

Our goal at Cobalt Communications is to help our partners attract high-quality customers and close sales, so we combine data-driven methodologies, rapid development strategies, and a team of creatives to get the job done.

Using these methods, we innovatively support growing marketing strategies by supplying effective online sales solutions.

We do everything we can at Cobalt to maintain excellence and ensure respect for all.

Cobalt Communications' values

Our Founder’s Story

Our story starts at a time before we could all have cordless and hand-held computers at our fingertips. Cobalt Communications was founded in 1999 by John Mancini as an authorized retailer for DIRECTV in the St. Louis area. After earning his marketing degree from Southeast Missouri State University, John leveraged his knowledge of the satellite TV market to build an aggressive marketing campaign that utilized local TV spots and printed ads, thereby growing Cobalt into one of the largest DIRECTV retailers in the country. Over the years, John has expanded Cobalt’s business operation by building relationships with the biggest Internet and telecommunication brands in the country for residential and commercial services. As a result, Cobalt Communications has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for these companies. John prides himself on being fully engaged with the joint marketing efforts between his team and his partners as he pushes Cobalt Communications to be the best it can be.

Meet Our Team

John Mancini

President and CEO

John has been selling in the TV and Internet space for over two decades. He launched Cobalt Communications in 1999 as a DIRECTV retailer and installer, and quickly expanded his offerings to home automation services and online retailer for companies like AT&T, Spectrum, and DIRECTV for residential and commercial customers.

Marcio Vieira

Software Development Manager

Marcio directs and develops all of Cobalt's unique software solutions. Whether is it a new content editor, advances in API integration for partner portals, or better ways to track customers from first touch to final sale, Marcio creates solutions we need. He's responsible for our internal sales app as well as new products like Live Editor and our call monitoring system.

Jason Schwartz

Call Center Sales Director

Jason is the manager and trainer of our call center staff. As the point-person for customer engagement, he's an expert on all partner products, promotions, and offers. If it has to deal with selling the customer on a product or services, Jason is the salesperson to talk to.

Ali Haji

Lead Graphic Designer and PPC Manager

Ali's primary responsibilities include running, managing, and optimizing our paid advertising campaigns on a daily basis. When he isn't running daily reports and planning new campaigns, he's working with the content team to develop attractive graphics and web designs to serve our customers.

Arash Haji

Business Intelligence Analyst

Arash helps ensure that our company makes data-informed decisions. He spends his time combining business analytics with data mining while providing us with accurate data visualizations, tools, and infrastructures which culminate in the best practices we strive to follow.

Henry St. Pierre


Henry is a website copywriter, responsible for developing writing and editing informative content to engage our customers and partners through organic and paid strategies. He creates webpages and blog posts that educate and persuade effectively. He researches extensively to craft content with articulate detail from the largest post down to the smallest legal popup.

What a Stellar Team!

We think so, too. Think you’re ready to join this lineup of great folks? Then check out or Job Opportunities page to find out how to apply! If you have any additional questions, get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.