Business Intelligence

Modern marketing is driven by data. Data points help us understand what customers want and when. We leverage our custom-built software and websites to gather data to help us innovate our marketing campaigns.

Behavior Modelling

Customer Tracking and Reporting

Customer Relationship Management


We work our data sets to determine what people are buying and where. Whether it’s high-speed fiber internet, home security, or enterprise business services, we can combine browsing data and call logs to identify what people search for, ask for, and buy.

Our software integrates with Google Ads API and our phone system to provide real-time caller dispositions and behavioral data.

To facilitate our unique needs, we field a purpose-built customer relationship management platform that we built in-house. We don’t just get data… we build the tools we need to get the right data for the right situation.

We utilize all the data we collect to optimize our marketing and sales process from top to bottom. We don’t throw a website up and let it sit: we are constantly trying to find ways to do better and change the game.

Tell Us What Your Customers Need

Most importantly, we consider ourselves a partner. We want open communication and collaboration with all our clients so that we represent their brand and their interests. If you have insights into the kinds of information your customers want, then work with us to mobilize that insight into effective digital assets that drive sales.

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Data-Driven Marketing with a Personal Touch

We rely on hard data and customer behaviors to shape how our campaigns work. Once those customers call, however, they reach our local call center where they get personal customer service and support. Our call center is located in St. Louis, MO and we staff representatives that can help your future subscribers with their shopping, purchasing, and product needs.

Always Refining Our Methods for Maximum Results

Our team works closely with one another to develop and assess our marketing assets. We're always looking for ways to improve our approach based on customer behaviors and feedback and spend considerable effort testing our methods for continued success.